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June 2018 Update

We have been really busy here at Endbots.  Here are just a few of the projects we are currently working on.

  • Budget DESC (ready for second prototype batch)
  • Documentation (working on shooting videos, scripts are written)
  • Open PNP build.  (the machine is about 75% built this will help smooth our build process as all boards are hand assembled currently)
  • Custom PCB for one of our customers' special antweight application.
  • Fairyweight Arena build
  • Update to Raven Kit (testing new servos)
  • Line follower robot design (planning stages)
  • mini sumo robot design (planning stages)
  • New products coming soon
  • and much more...

We are planning on running an event either late this year or early next year.  After that quarterly events local to Northern Illinois will be happening. 

Our shipping times have been a little slow as of late, but some improvements are coming that will speed up our shipment time.