New Antweight

Posted by Jeffrey Olijar on

I am working on a new antweight robot to replace Death by 1001 Cuts.  The new robot will attempt to solve all the problems that I had with 1001.  It will be similar in design but I feel that it is different enough to warrant a new name.  

I am still undecided on what it will be called, If you have any ideas send me a message at

New Features

  • Pulley driven wheels for lighter weight and more reliable drive system
  • Needle Bearing for the spinner should be less friction and still durable
  • Clutch for the spinner to prevent snapped o-rings
  • Side armor plates to protect wheels
  • Possibly belt driven using fingertech pulleys if o-rings wont work.
  • Lower profile than 1001 cuts 
  • Anodized frame for harder surface (maybe)