Fingertech Snap Hubs (Pair)

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Note: Snap Hubs are being replaced by fingertech's new and improved Twist Hubs. We've ordered one last batch for people to buy spares, but we will not be carrying Snap Ring Pliers anymore so Snap Hubs are not recommended for new projects.

Foam wheels are a good choice for combat robots because they help absorb impacts which could damage your motors.

With Snap hubs you can securely mount 


  • Anodized 6061 aluminum for high strength and low weight.
  • Custom washer with recess to prevent the 7/16" snap ring from coming off unintentionally.
  • Secured to motor with an 8-32 setscrew
  • Available with 3mm and 4mm shaft bore, but can be drilled out as big as 6.35mm (0.25in).
  • Lightweight (~6g for 0.5" wide & ~7g for 0.75" wide)