Endbots Standalone DESC (Dual ESC)

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The Standalone DESC is a dual channel speed controller which is designed to be as compact as possible without sacrificing its ability to handle the rigors of combat.  The size and power of the DESC make it an excellent choice for both insect class robots and DIY applications.

The Standalone version of the DESC comes with two cables which attach to your receiver. This allows you to choose which receiver is right for your application. The DESC is compatible with all PCM receivers which transmit one signal per wire and do not send a signals when the connection is lost.



  • Bi-directional control of 2 DC motors @ 1.6 amps continuous, 3.0 amps max
  • Motor braking enabled for precision control
  • 6.5v to 16.8v voltage range
  • compact size (26mm x 18mm x 3.5 mm)
  • Lightweight at ~6 grams
  • Undervoltage, overcurrent, and overtemp protection
  • Simple calibration routine
  • Failsafe on Lost signal
  • Onboard 1:1 mixing option

WARNING: This product can get hot enough to burn you. Take care when handling this product.

Failure to follow instructions may lead to damage not covered under warranty.  Read instructions completely prior to use.

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