Here is a list of robotics resources we have found on the internet.  If you are looking to learn more about robotics this would be a great place to start.  All links here are added at our own discretion.  If a link is here it is because we like what they are doing or we have done business with them in the past. We are not paid to put these here.

If you want to have a page listed please contact us at and we will consider adding it.


Combat Robot Blogs

Aaronbot3000 - Blog about building robots has some neat stuff about building brushless motors.

Ask Aaron - Many questions and answers about combat robots some of the answers are funny.  A great resource starting out. (Ask Aaron has tons of great info if you are a new builder we recommend you start here)

Dales homemade robots - A variety of interesting designs for various sizes of robots. Make sure to check out his omega force robot.

Etotheipiplusone - Owner of the ABC Battlebot "Overhaul" lots of great info about beetleweights, heavyweights, and electric go karts & scooters.

The Variable Constant - Builder of the well known robots DDT and Silent Spring.  A good place to learn about 3D printing combat robots.




Calculators and Tables

All About Circuits - Lots of calculators and information about electronics.

LiPo Performance Calculator - This tool helps you figure out the maximum current draw a battery can withstand.

This to That - Ever wondered what glue to use when attaching one thing to another?  Wonder no more as this website helps you pick out which glue you should use.





Central Illinois Robotics Club - CIRC has one of the longest continuous running robot competitions in mid west.  Events include, Robot combat, Sumo, Line Following and Maze Solving.

Dallas Area Robot Combat - DARC is the go to spot for robot combat in the American south west.  Weight classes range from 150g to 3lbs




Machine Shops

Big Blue Saw - Great for getting parts water jet cut for a low price.

Revolutionary Machine & Design - Looking to get parts made for your robot check out these guys.  They have great rates and they have made parts for us in the past. 





Robowars -  Australian forum with lots of good info and build reports on fairy weight and 30lb robots.




Builders Database -  Most events are listed here.



The Competition

What?! That's crazy.  What kind of business would tell its prospective customers where you can get similar products?  We feel that it is more important to grow hobby robotics than to attempt to control the entire market.  We stand behind our products 100% and feel that after checking out what everyone else has, you will come back to buy from us.

Andy Mark - Lots of robotic parts, great wheels for larger robots that are not for combat

Banebots - Gearboxes and wheels, We have used the wheels before in combat they are not really suited for it though.  The plastic is too brittle.  They can be used with success if you have lots of spares. 

BotBitz - Australian retailer for robot parts, has several different sized esc's suitable for small and large robots.

Fingertech Robotics - Retailer with various combat robot parts and sumo bots.

Hobbyking - Great place to pick up low cost brushless motors, servos, speed controllers, and batteries.

Pololu - Lots of robotic stuff.  Some of it is a little pricey but its all quality stuff.

REV Robotics - Mostly structural components for FIRST robotics type robots.

Robot Marketplace - Various parts for robots up to heavyweight size

Sparkfun - Lots of electronics parts and breakout boards.  If your interested in electronics check these guys out.