Fingertech Lite Hubs (Pair)

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Fingertech Lite Hubs are plastic adapters with a brass collar and setscrew that allow common hobby aircraft wheels such as Lite Flites and Lectra Lites to be used.  

This provides a secure and lightweight method of mounting these wheels onto a motor shaft.

Note: Lectra Lites with 1/8" bores can be easily drilled to 5/32" to fit Lite Hubs (#22 drill bit is best). 

  • For permanent mounting use a small amount of epoxy or gorilla super glue.
  • Insert the Lite Hub into the wheel part way. 
  • Apply glue to the joint
  • Flip the wheel over and press it down onto a hard surface.

The machined brass collar allows you to tighten the setscrew securely onto the motor shaft.  Tighten just until the collar starts to become oblong.  That's all you need to secure the wheel.


  • Material: Nylon hub with Brass collar
  • Bore diameter: 3mm -Can be drilled up to 1/8" for larger motor shafts. (Drill only after installing into wheel.) 
  • Hub Diameter: 9.53mm (0.375in)
  • Hub Length: 4.83mm (0.190in)
  • Overall Length: 25.4mm (1.0in)
  • Includes: two Lite Hubs and two 4-40 setscrews.
  • Weight: 1.2gram (0.042oz) each 

Note: Wheels are not included.